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This gorgeous, realistic tail is made from luxury long pile faux fur. The faux fur is two-tone grey and white, with a white tip. It is stuffed with soft toy stuffing, and has great swish-ability. A metal swivel clip is very securely sewn to the end of the tail so it can be easily clipped to a belt or clothing. Choose the 'wired' option for a cute flick at the end, wire is inserted through half to 3/4 of the tail, which can be bent or straightened as you wish.

Perfect for completing your wolf costume. Wear on its own at festivals, or round the house when you're bored.

It is approximately 23inches/58cm long but message me when ordering if you would like it made shorter for a child.

I'm happy to do customisations perhaps you'd like one without the white tip, a different colour, a different length, on a piece of elastic to go round the waist, or a safety pin. Just message me and I'll create a custom order! :)

The fur perfectly matches my gorgeous wolf hood, you know you want the set! 

Thanks for visiting my shop!
Lexi x

Wolf Tail

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