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Luxury brown wolf tail, made with super soft, high quality faux fur. The photographed fur has run out but I have some other beautiful options for you.

 Stuffed with soft toy stuffing and sewn up by hand. Great for cosplay, fancy dress parties or for a festival.

Choose whether you'd like a swivel clip to attach to your waist-band or if you'd prefer elastic around the waist instead. The elastic is black, and 5cm wide so is comfy, I also have white if you prefer that instead. Please tell me your waist measurement if you'd like elastic, or I shall guess. :) 

If you'd like a cute flick in your tail, please choose 'Wired' and your tail will have wire in the middle so you can bend it. 

Message me if you'd like wolf ears or a wolf hood to match!

Lexi x

Luxury Wolf Tail

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