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A cute fluffy bunny rabbit's tail with safety pin to attach to your clothes. Great to complete your rabbit costume, perhaps to be worn with my white rabbit hood?  The pin has a safety clasp to keep it fastened, and it  is sewn on very securely. The faux fur is very realistic and soft, and is filled with squishy toy stuffing. Available in regular, and extra large, for a giant impact! (Giant tail has a swivel clip instead of safety clip to keep it on). 


Rabbit Top Hat: 

White Rabbit hood:


Happy to do customisations, just message me :) If you would like it bigger or smaller, in a different colour or perhaps with a swivel clip (like on my other tails) instead of the pin, anything really! 

The tail in the first photos is about 11cm/4" across if you flattern the fur, but with the fur included its more like 17cm/7". The last two photos show the extra large size, which is about 18cm.

Thanks for stopping by!
Lexi xx

Fluffy Rabbit Tail

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